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Can I eat canned tuna while pregnant?

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This is my first pregnancy and i'm getting mixed answers from family and doctors about whether I can eat canned tuna or not???

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ive read on the net that if you want to eat any kind of fish or anything i guess "prego's" are not supposed to eat can eat it but make once a week. So if you ate some today you gotta wait til next tues. Hope this helps!
Books and websites with advice from doctors and nurses will say it's okay if you limit it to something like 5 ounces a week... whatever it is, it's not something to eat every single day.  I ate it on occasion with my first pregnancy, and my daughter has 10 fingers and 10 toes.  There's a lot of really irritating old wives' tales out there, but if you're having serious doubts, just ask your doctor.  Chances are, someone has asked them the same question(s) before, and it's safer to hear it coming from them.
All my books, all my nurses both at the doctors and with WIC and research points to YES! Eat tuna because fish is good for you and growing baby brains. But stay away from the fancy Albacore tuna. Remember the bigger the fish the more little fish and life they have consumed which equals lots of mercury! But feel free to eat good ol' plain tuna in a can, rinse and enjoy but in moderation. Nothing more than can a week is a good safe bet. But I've eaten plenty of fish (from Seattle) and so far my baby seems to be bumping along just fine (i'm in my final trimester). So enjoy!
they told me with my last pregnancy u can only eat 3 cans a month because of the mercury content in the fish..its not dangerous if you only eat that much.hope this helps
I was told by my doctor that i can eat it no more then once a week.  I've eaten tuna a couple of times and baby is fine.
I was told by the nutritionist at my doctors that can tuna is a do not eat fish. You can find information on the internet, or at your doctors that will tell you what are the good fishes to eat, and how much you can eat.

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