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Can i eat crawfish and shrimp during pregnancy????

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I'm currently 22 weeks and I am unsure if it is safe to eat crawfish and shrimp

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As long as it's cooked throughly, I don't see why not.  The danger with seafood is when it is undercooked, and therefore any bacteria that might be present would not be destroyed prior to eating it.  However, shrimp and crayfish are served fully cooked, so I believe it would be fine.  Enjoy!
The other issue with seafood is the Mercury content. But, Crawfish and Shrimp, as I understand it, are in the "Low" Mercury level bracket.  Even still, you probably shouldn't have more than 12 oz per week.
It is fine to eat them, from the advice I've gotten. Long as they are cooked Seafoods & not Raw, everything will be fine.
Ive also been told if there is family history of a shellfish allergy not to eat it when pregnant.  Same goes for peanuts.  Its probably ok as long as its cooked well, is low mercury content and no family allergy history though.
Your doctor should be able to give you a list of foods that aren't safe during pregnancy.

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