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Can i fly in my 33 or 34 week? It's a 7-8 hour flight...Is it safe?

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I think only your doctor should answer that question for you.  We don't know what your cervix looks like.  If you are already thinning and dilating then I would say no.  You should go to your doctor to get approval first.  I would hate for someone to say, yes I've done it and then you get up there and your water break due to air pressure changes and you have a baby on a 7 or 8 hour flight.  Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear.  Good luck!
I would say its not a good idea. I don't think you're supposed to travel that late in your pregnancy. I would definitely ask your dr they may not have a problem with it. Was the airline ok with it? Your dr is definitely who to talk to. Good luck! :)
I have to agree with them. I just recently flew at 32 weeks and it was extremely painful. The pressure really took a tole on my belly and I think it made the baby uncomfortable as well. I had two flights at they equaled to be about seven hours long. They say you can fly until you are 36 weeks, but really it depends on what your doctor thinks is best. 
Thank You ladies for the suggestion...I will talk to my dr and will do accordingly...Thanks one again..
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