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can i get a false positive with a home pregnancy twice in a row???

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ive taken two pregnancy test that i bought from the store can i get a false positve??

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A false negative is FAR more likely than a false positive. Modern pregnancy tests are pretty darn accurate.  It sounds like you are probably pregnant. Congrats!
I agree, false negatives are far mar common with home pregnancy test. False positives are very rare, it's even more rare to have two false positives in a row. I would say make an appointment with your doctor to make sure.
Actually it is possible. I had an instance where this happened. If you over hydrate with sweet drinks prior to taking the home pregnancy test it is possible to come up with a false positive. Also, if you read the home pregnancy test after the suggest time (usually it says to read after three minutes or so) your home pregnancy test can actually lie to you. Because of evaporation and the chemicals in pee and the test you can come up with a false positive. The best way to know for sure for sure, is waiting till your late and then of course the doctors! Good luck
its possible but its rare

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