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can i get pregnant on birthcontrol while using the right vitamins?

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ok so im 17 almost 18 and my fiancee is 19. he wants to become a dad and asked me the other night if we could start trying. (i know wat you thinking: shes too young its not smart) but! i have a job, a car, and a small apartment that my parents are building for me this summer. i know i sound young and immature, but i have had a misscarrage and i know that doesnt make me experienced, but i really want a baby. i am quite mature for my age, i recieve compliments on my maturity from people older than me all the time. i work hard to have everything i have, im also going to nursing school for 2 years and Ben has a way to see the baby anytime he wants. my mother has contol of my birthcontrol options until february, so i cant go get my implanon removed until then. i have done some research and have found out i can get pregnant on my birth control. but i need to know if its possible more so if i use specific vitamins and if i do the yoga and eat the right foods, than if i were to simply have sex and hope for the best. can someone please help me? stories would be useful as well if you'd like. i am DYING to have a baby. please help?

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I agree. Nursing school is hard, and going with a baby will be even harder. I was pretty young when I had my daughter (22), but I was out of college. Even the few upgrading courses I have done since then have been way harder with a child. Also, might you want to get married first if you are already engaged? Don't rush it, you'll look back to regret it!
One other thing, if you have an IUD in place, and get pregnant, it can cause serious risk to you and your baby. At the very least, wait until it gets removed.
Wait until after you've completed nursing school.
my friend is in nursing school and now has a 2 year old and she still struggles. though her son was not planned she loves him very much. but wishes she could have waited, i think its best to wait til after school
With the norplant, is it probably best to wait until the rod is removed so that your cycles can get regular again. My cousin has taken antibiotics, and any other kind of medicine to decrease the effectiveness of this implant, and it did not work. I just say wait until you get it taken out, let your cycles get normal, and then start trying. I know it's hard to be patient, you feel like you biological clock is ticking, but it's not. It will happen when it is time. You should focus on school and enjoy your fiance. Trust me, I had my firstborn son at 20 years old, it's not all it is cracked out to be. Sure his father is in the military and pays child support, but he does not see him, does not want to see him, and he can be next door with his daughter, I have little to no time for myself or things I want to do, and I was prepared for this baby. When this child comes into the picture you want to have accomplished some of your goals. That way you can tell your baby, I did this, I traveled there, maybe one day we will take you. And you never know what the pregnancy is going to throw your way, you could be crippled with morning sickness, putting you behind in your classes, or you could have a complicated delivery. You should at least consider ALL pros and cons of the situation before jumping into it. But I am proud that you are in nursing school and doing well for yourself. Not a lot of teens can say that. You go girl. Just do me a favor and really think about it.

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