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can i take gas medicine if so what kind

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i have alot of painful gas build up mainly in the morning when i wake up what can i take or do

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Yes, any medicine with simethicone. Gas-X is one namebrand OTC medicine with this ingredient.I had this problem and found this information on
Rolaids and Tums are also okay. I chew Tums like candy when I have to deal with heartburn. And it usually helps with abdomenal bloating and discomfort related to gas after a while.Try limiting consumption of foods which trigger the gas problem you're experiencing too. If it's heartburn, limit onions, soda, spicy foods, and other heartburn triggers and don't lay down or lounge on a full stomach. If it's gas on the other side of your digestive tract, limit beans, broccoli and other gas-producers and get enough fiber to keep your bowels moving so the gas is less likely to get stuck and multiply before reaching the place where you can let it out.

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