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Can a name give a person character?

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Definetly! This is why I am not naming my little girl Annie, too many people think of a freckled red head when they hear the name!
Of course!  A good example are my cousins.  Elizabeth and Margaret.We call them Ellie and Meg, but we could call them Betty and Marge.It depends on their personality!
A really cool place online that I found to check out names and the character that goes with it, that appears to fit every relative I've ever had is 
yeah i am naming my baby skyler mason if its a boy and i dont have a middle name for the girl but the first name is gonna be carlie
I think it definitely does.  Every Ashley, Heather and Brittney I've ever met has had the same personality.  That's why if I have a boy I'm not naming him Edmund or Dudley.  Or if I have a girl I'm staying away from Barbie or Candy.  I want my kids to have names that will instill confidence and strength.

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