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can a preg test not detect the preg hormone??

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my sister thinks shes pregnant but the pregnancy test said no but she has the symptons.... any advice?

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Sometimes Women take the test too early in the pregnancy to find out. so yes, the test can sometimes not detect the hormone.tell your sister to take the test a few days after her missed period.taking it in the morning is best.if its still negative,and shes convinced shes pregnant, she can always go to the doctors and ask them to test her.hope this helps.
how long before or after her misssed period did she take the test? sometimes if u take it to early it wont detect it, i took mine 2 days before my missed period and it was positive. if she took the test after her missed period and it came back negative i would wait a few days and take another..if its still neg and she hasnt got her period in about a week i would call ur doc and have a blood test done, they r the most accurate
I heard that there are more false negative results then there are false positives. I think I read that on the instruction sheet in the pregnancy test box (I got curious about what exactly the directions would say lol). It could be a faulty test or too early or she could have wanted it so bad her mind has played tricks with her body. I know that sounds really mean of me to say but it happens a lot more than you would think. I would wait a few days then take one first thing in the morning. Tell her I said good luck! :)
Absolutely. With my first pregnancy, I missed my period, had spotting, sore I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative. I immediately scheduled a doc. appt. for a blood test and it came back positive. I was 9 weeks pregnant. Always follow your instincts. If you really feel like you are pregnant, then go to the doctor and find out for sure. I didn't take the test too early, I was over 2 months along! Those home tests are never 100%. 

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