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Can the sex be determined at 12 weeks?

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I dont think it can be determined that early. The norm is 18 -20 weeks. I dont think the baby is developed enough for you to get an accurate result.
Through everything I've read, I don't think so.  Around the 5 month mark is when your doctor should get you in for the ultrasound to find out.  During that ultrasound, since you're halfway there, they'll check everything and take measurements of the baby to make sure he's developmentally on track. 
Yeah you won't be able to tell for certain until you are about 20 weeks along.  Pretty much at 12 weeks both genitalia will look the same.  So if someone has told you that you are having a boy I would wait until you are 20 weeks or so or whenever your next ultrasound is, because they can't really tell yet.
you can tell the gender at about 16 weeks!that is when my doctor does the ultrasound and out of the 8 kids I have none have been wrong!so I say 16 weeks at the earliest but That is just my experience!
Really this depends on the doctor you go to, the ultrasound machine they use and the experience of the sonographer. Other factors include the build of the mother; (sometimes it is harder to tell when the mother is overweight due to extra fatty tissue) and how the baby cooperates during the scan. Most women are told the sex cannot be  recognized until around 18-20 weeks and that may be true for that doctor or that mother. I have 3 children and I found out the sex of all of them at 12 weeks and some days. I was told the reason for this was the high tech ultrasound machine at my perinatologist's office and the highly skilled sonographer. The machines are a little more stonger than the ones at regular ob offices. The genitalia does not look the same at 12 weeks, my husband could even tell the difference from the ultrasound.

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