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Can smoking Marijuana hurt my baby for real? Im 23 Weeks. When should i stop?

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Yes, it can hurt your baby for real.  You should stop immediately.
yes, smoking marijuana can seriously hurt your baby.  He or she can be born early and have respiratory problems and also be addicted to marijuana and have to be given drugs after birth to help wean him or her off of it.....and many more problems that i can't even think of right now!  Talk to your doctor about stopping because it may not be safe to quit cold turkey..... but definately do it because you want a happy and healthy baby who doesn't have to live his or her first weeks of life in the NICU.... you want him or her home with you!
Hi, I don't think marijauna will hurt your baby because for one it isn't and addictive drug.  It is a downer, but it is prescribed as a medication to all patients who have either cancer or is being used as a pain managment.  Plus my friend smokes marijauna on a basis and she just had a new born and he was in perfect health,  Marijauna is an herb and has no nicotine in it. Your safe if you are not really sure ask your doctor or someone close about it.  Also it is hard to listen to other people, but take it from my prospective your baby will be fine.  Just my thought is when he or she is born don't smoke around them.
It is not wise to smoke during pregnacy at all. It does not matter what your smoking its not safe.
This is the information I found on an educational web site, "Research studies have shown that women who use recreational drugs during pregnancy tend to use marijuana, thinking that it won't harm the fetus as much as other illegal substances. Although no clear-cut deformity or syndrome is known to occur due to marijuana use during pregnancy (as there is from alcohol use, for example, with fetal alcohol syndrome), there are possible dangers. First of all, smoking anything during pregnancy deprives the fetus of oxygen. Just as smoking tobacco is discouraged in pregnant women, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking any type of substance interferes with the fetus's blood supply. This can mean the fetus doesn't get enough oxygen, and s/he may be born smaller in both weight and length. Smaller babies have a higher risk of other problems after birth, such as infections, severe jaundice, difficulty feeding, breathing problems, low blood sugar, difficulty regulating temperature, bleeding into the brain, and problems with vision. Secondly, marijuana can be "cut" with other substances. So the fetus may be unintentionally exposed to other potentially harmful substances in addition to marijuana."   There is more information about smoking marijuana and breast feeding also that would be helpful on the this web site                hope this helps
YES you should stop! Should have about 23 weeks ago.. Talk to your dr about quiting. You want your baby to be healthy =)
yes that can hurt the baby you should stop as soon as possible talk to your docter about quitting
Yes it  can hurt your baby so i dont know what that other gurl was talking about. Her friend just got lucky cuz it can cause your baby to have problems when born n possibly later on in life too. Plus your doctor always drug tests u everytime u give a urine sample. So if marijuana shows up at the time u deliver child services is going to call CPS on u. An u dont want that cuz they will take your kids or constantly visit your house to ensure the safety of your child.
Seriuosly I smoked pot the entire time I was pregnant and my doctor told me it was fine. My son came out on time 2 days after his due date actually had an apgar score of 9.9 was born at 8.1 pounds went home 24 hours later with me and didn't test positive for pot i still smoke everyday and breast feed and i'm pregnant again. I think smoking a ciggerate while you are pregnant is 10 times worse than smoking a joint. Peolpe need to realize thats  it's a herb and has no addictive powers like they say it does. In fact I find that smokin a bowl eases my morning sickness and gives me an appitite to eat.  My son who is now 18 months old is doing AWESOME there is not a thing wrong with him he's been sick twice with some colds over the winter, has never had an ear infection, has never been underweight, has literally nothing wrong with him!!! He is very smart talks up a storm is developing ahead of his age group, he's perfecet! You have nothing to worry about
It sounds like some times things turn out just fine, maybe even good for 'Smith', but, WHAT IF?!  That is a huge question that may or may not have lifetime consequences. You love your body so you take care of it, Im sure you love this baby even more!  So, why not for the rest of your pregnancy sacrifice something that could potentially be harmful? Isn't that what becoming a mom is about, we learn to love beyond what we knew we were capable of.  I would give anything to make sure my growing baby has every healthy and positive chance in life, beginning with what I expose them to in the womb.


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