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Can too much exercise affect breastmilk production?

3 answers
Could too much exercise after the birth of my baby affect my breastmilk production? Will it depleat if I exercise too much?

answers (3)

From everything I've read the answer is no, it will not effect milk production, however all the articles do caution to wait until your 6-8 week post pardom checkup before beginning your excerise routine as well.  It said normal cardio workouts showed no reduction in milk. 
It may not reduce your production, but if you work out too much, it will make the milk taste funny. I'm not sure about the chemistry and stuff, but I read that working out will add lactic acid to the milk and your baby might refuse it.Good luck and happy feeding!
Okay, this is long, but both breastfeeding and working out are dear to my heart! avitoria is right, it can change the milk, and can also make your baby extra fussy if they do drink. But keep in mind, that is for very intense workouts. A regular 30 minute workout won't change anything. Remember though that baby is sucking the fluids out of you, and so is you workout, so make sure you drink extra! Also, make sure you find a bra to fit your larger nursing boobs. Tight bras can affect you milk output! Also, make sure to change and shower as soon as you can after. It will keep you and your nipples happy, and hey nobody wants to drink out of a sweaty stinky boob.

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