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can you dye your hair while being pregnant

3 answers
Ill like to Dye my hair and im 35 weeks pregnant.Could something happend if i do it now

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Here's the answer from's editors:"While all the available research suggests that coloring your hair during pregnancy is safe (there's no data suggesting that it increases the risk of birth defects or miscarriage), it's a good idea to schedule appointments after your first trimester just to be on the extra-safe side. By then, much major fetal organ development is complete."So if you're already 35 weeks, you're well past your first trimester.  Hope that helps!
ive gotten my hair dyed and my kids are fine as long as you do it in a well ventialted area i see no harm but its your body and your baby so do what makes you comfortable
my doctor told me it was fine to color your hair while pregnant. people say not to cuz of the fumes, they could make you nausious. if you color your hair yourself, get amonia free dye.

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