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Can you get preeclampsia twice? If so is it safe to get pregnant again?

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When I gave birth to my first child I got preeclampsia and I had to have an emergency C-Section. My husband and I are now trying to have another child. However he is a little worried that I may get sick again. He's also worried that if I get sick, the baby and I will be in danger, and he does not want our little girl to grow up without a mom. What should we do.

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I the chances of having it are the same with every pregnancy. I think that if you are really young or on the older side it puts you more at risk for having it. But just because you had it before doesn't mean you will get it this time.
Thanks for telling me that I am in my early twenties.  I recently got a check up and was told that I am in good health.  I told my husband that I will drink plenty of water and follow up with every Drs appointment.  I am really excited about getting ready to have another addition to our family.

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