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can you have incourse/sex while being pregnant?

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OMG yes. And you better enjoy it while you can.
yes definitly and enjoy it before the baby gets here and you wont have time or energy for that matter.. and after discussing it with friends of mine it seems that many pregnant women have the best orgasms ever while they are pregnant.. enjoy =)
When i asked my OB that, he said YES!!!  You can have sex as long as its comfortable or  until your doctor says to you shouldn't.  And pregancy sex can be some of the best.  My hubby and i have had more rendevous now that i'm pregnant that we did when we were dating!
Yes, you can still have sex, as long as it feel comfortable to you. The only time your doctor will normally tell you not to have sex is if you have a high risk pregnancy. Other than that, your doctor will probably give you the green light to go ahead; just keep in mind some positions may be uncomfortable after a while.
yeah but if your really big it might be a little uncomfortable

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