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can you jump into a pool while pregnant

2 answers
i got into a pool on easter but instead of testing it out i jumped in yes it was cold so i got out is everything ok or should i bring it up in the next dr appt? oh and im 16wks prego

answers (2)

Absolutely safe and sound!Expectant women are encouraged to get in the pool for excersise... like swimming laps, water aerobics, etc.  It's easier on the joints and can be a really good total body workout [as long as you're doing something!).What you need to remember is to stay away from jacuzzis and hot tubs!  Putting your legs in is fine, but having your belly in the warm, intense heat literally cooks that little bun inside of you- it could very easily cause you to miscarry your baby- it's just not worth the risk.Never feel too silly to ask your doctor questions... they chose their job for a reason!
Getting into the pool is encouraged, but JUMPING in can jostle your body. It shouldn't hurt the baby but with your hormones and center of gravity being different, it may cause injury to YOU and it's possible the pressure could hurt the baby.

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