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Can you still get pregnant with only one ovary and fallopian tube?

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Last christmas i had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed because of a dermoid cyst. At the time i was 16 weeks was a very scary time but it needed to be removed it was the size of a grapfruit and causing me pain and becasue of the size of it there would not have been room for baby and cyst. Everything went fine and my husband and i have a healthy baby boy. We want to have more children but i worry because of only haveing one ovary and tube that it will be difficult to conceive. Anyone experiencing the samething or something similar to my situation. I can still get pregnant right? Anyone get pregnnat with only haveing one ovary and tube?

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I think as long as the remaining parts are working fine then you can probably get pregnant.  I am not speaking from experience, but just a general assumption.   It may be more difficult to conceive, but really you can never be sure.  Your best bet is to talk to your doctor and get their opinion.  Good luck and I'll say a prayer for you!  :)
well my aunt did, she only had one ovary and one faloopian tube. so i think its possible fo you!!  
Well, it's harder, because you don't ovulate as often, but yes, its possible. I hadn't ovulated in over a year because of a medical condition, I had one "spontaneous" ovulation, and managed to get pregnant (didn't see that one coming!!!). If I can get pregnant ovulating about 3 times in 20 months, I'm sure you can get pregnant ovulating bi-monthly!
i think so :)
I've managed to do so 3 times now.  I like to say that the swimmers don't get confused by having 2 tubes to choose from and that makes me more likely to get pregnant.  I don't know how often I ovulate, though. 
I just saw that you had a dermoid cyst...that's what happened to my ovary too.  It was 5 years ago and my oldest is 4 now.  Don't worry.  As long as the other one is all hooked up (my dr did extra exploratory surgery while removing the other ovary to make sure I was hooked up) then everything should be fine.  I would suggest charting your ovulation if you're trying though. 
Thanks everyone for responding!!

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