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Can't eat just deil meat or all sandwhich meats?

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I'm not sure if anyone would know the answer to thins but I have read in my pregnancy information I was given to by my midwife that you are not supposed to eat deli meat unless you microwave it till it streams (let me just add ewww!) But I'm not sure if that means the deli meat you get from the deli counter at King soopers or wherever. Or if it is all sandwich meats. Before i read that my boyfriend and I bought that packaged cut like deli meat you get next to the bologna but I'm not sure if it's safe to eat. Anyone know what they mean by deli meat?

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I have always kept eating regular sandwhich meats and all 3 of my babies turned out just fine. I always heard it was just certain deli meats but I don't know which ones. I would just ask your midwife which ones are safe and which are not. That way you know for sure. Good luck! :)
I too have continued eating the meat that you buy by the bologna I always thought it meant the ones that you actually have to ask for at the deli counter.. idk for sure though dont want to tell you the wrong thing.. but thats what I personally have done and my daughter is fine and my little boy is growing fine now too.. good luck =)
I think its more for pastrami and roast beef....meats like that. But regular ham and salami I think is ok.
I think it is more the meats that may carry the bacteria of listeria , so packaged deli meats I would stay clear of, but if you have a Gourmet Deli that you trust then that should be safe. With this pregnancy I am staying clear, but with my other two I think I ate deli meats whenever I felt a craving and they turned out fine!
It is actually all deli meats (packaged or at the counter) because they can all harvest loads of bacteria. Pork is supposed to be the worst. You can eat any meat "safely" as long as you warm it up before eating it on a sandwich or something. Basically cook all the bacteria away. I asked my doctor about this and he said it's not too big of a deal, but if you are worried about some meat, just cook it again and you will be fine!

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