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carpal tunnel?

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Finally called dr this morning about my arms being numb! Its really bad a night to where ill wake up in pain for them being so numb... weird. but she said sounds like carpal tunnel.. she gave me some tips of what to do.. anyone else have other ideas?

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What type of job do you do? Are you doing repetitive motion constantly? If so, carpal tunnel can creep up on you and it's painful. I've never had carpal tunnel (fortunately) but at my previous job, I did repetitive motion ALL DAY that I was getting pain, numbness. Fortunately I went to the Chiropractor and got treatment right away. They gave me a brace to wear and was stretching as much as possible. If you indeed have carpal tunnel, I suggest you go see a chiropractor.
too much parenting website!  lol!  just kidding.  hope it gets better soon.  :)
I have had carpal tunnel in both hands since my 24th week! (35 weeks now). I wish I had better news for you, but I have tried the exercises and sleeping in splints, everything. I am a cook and it has been causing me all kinds of hell. Nothing has helped and probably nothing will short of having the baby. The real issue for pregnancy related carpal tunnel is the swelling in the tenosynovium due to excess fluid and blood volume. Hang in there though, it will all be worth it in the end. It should go away after baby!
im not even sure if that is what it is. my fingers tingle and when i put pressure on my plam it hurts and when i wake up from them goingnumb isnt fun lol.. she said she thinks... i havent seen her yet.  I did buy a brace today though hope it gets better atleast at night..
if u notice when u put your hands down by your side they feel much better i have suffer from carpal tunnel for about 5 years i where splint but they seem not to help specially when pregnant with the extra bloating in the fingers it is most painful during the night and when i wake up in the morning i had it also after my last pregnany i use to cry after the baby was born because i had such trouble with buttons and it would upset me i wish i got the surgery done after my last pregnany but didnt know with this pregnany it is worse
I have the same thing this pregnancy...I put up with it for 2mths before I went out a bought a brace from Walmart and it was like a miracle at night.  It took time getting used to sleeping with a brace on, but my fingers stopped tingling and causing pain.  Gook luck, I hope whatever you try works for you.

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