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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.

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Asked by joshnones602gm
0 answers
Basic details are He's never tried it. Out right refuses with his only reason being he doesn't like it. He's 4 years old. He was witness to domestic abuse from when his mother (the parent which IS... more
Asked by planetheather
0 answers
We are planning to move to America with my job for two years. I have a 13 and 11 year old. My 13 year old whilst not delighted has accepted the move and is open to discussing it and learning more... more
Asked by kristenlwcgmai
1 answer
I have a six year old daughter who has a girl friend she spend a lot of time with because she lives in the neighborhood. They enjoy playing together, but the other little girl has some behavior... more
Asked by tanyawilson2
0 answers
I have two children. They are 8 and 10 years old. Every Halloween we hook up with the same family, they have three kids, to go trick or treating, because our oldest two are best friends. They live... more
Asked by jmyers22490
0 answers
I don't normally reach out to strangers but I'm hoping I can get some unbiased guidance. I am a mom to two beautiful girls, almost 6 and 20 months. My 6 year old is with a previous relationship and... more
Asked by ddupclj4evergm
0 answers
My 6 year old hate me to everyday . but only if my older daughter is nexts too me. Then she show ever little affection. But I can feel she doesn't love me like she should. Even the doctors cant... more
Asked by belis1491115
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And how can I block harmful websites?
Asked by Jordanwallace99
0 answers
I wanna honestly know how parents feel about teenagers to 18 yrs old just wearing diapers for fun or just acting like a baby for fun it does not hurt anyone i do it in 18 my mom just complains qbout... more
Asked by crystalasmilei
1 answer
My 9 year old is making her self miserable. Everything little things upsets her. She won't even go to parties because she says someone will just make her mad. I've tried to explain she needs to learn... more
Asked by brittanymb83355
0 answers
My almost 8yr old son has recently started BM-ing in his pants at school and at home. He did potty train late.. He was about 5yrs old before he was fully trained. We haven't had an potty incidence... more