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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.

Fertility (438)

Asked by teengirl47gmai
0 answers
my spouse and i are trying to have our first baby. we had unprotected sex 5 days before i was expecting my period and i got my period a day after the expected date (normal i'm sure). my period ended... more
Asked by suriecaudle1990
1 answer
Okay so I had my daughter back on October 6th 2015, and my after birth bleed ended close to a week after her birth. Then my partner and I had unprotected intercourse 2 weeks 1 day after her birth.... more
Asked by jessicareeves73
0 answers
I was suppose to start my period a week ago. I took HPT in the afternoon when I was three days late, it was negative. I took another test four days late in the morning, it was negative. If my... more
0 answers
I've gotten what I think is my period 2 weeks early then normal then it lasted 10 days which never happen to me. After being off for 7 days I've started spotting. I haven't taken a pregnancy test... more
Asked by enfieldmaddieg
0 answers
I havent missed my period but it is due in 5 days and I am having a lot of syptoms of being pregnant. I do not know what to do. Should I tell my mom and her her get me a test or should I wait till... more
Asked by racheloliverson
0 answers
Me and my partner have been trying to conceive, and have not been successful the past year. I am unsure of my last period but i know it is not on time this month. I had normal white discharge when i... more
Asked by khatz0gmailc
0 answers
I would say that no you cannot get pregnant without hitting you period because thats a sighn your producing eggs so no I would not beleive so.
Asked by triciamp_villam
1 answer
I am very confused if I am pregnant or not. I was suppose to have my period 6 days ago. I took a test at the day I am expecting my period early in the morning and got a negative result. I am regular... more
Asked by tayshaedith29g
0 answers
On the 18 of oct. I had unprotected sex but in the 20th of oct i took the plan b pill im i was supposed to get my period yesterday the 24th is there a possibility the pill didn't work and i can still... more
Asked by amybaumm86gmai
0 answers
Hi there My hubby and I are ttc. I was on bc for 10 years and stopped taking it on 18.09.2015. I had normal withdrawal bleed on the 19.09.2015 for 5 days. But i haven't had anything since... more