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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.

Relationships (119)

5 answers
So shortly after i became pregnant, my boyfriend at the time proposed to me. I was ecstatic, however, i questioned his reasoning. I wondered if it was because I was pregnant, or because... more
Asked by KLSHammonds
1 answer
My husband and I haven't been talking nearly as much as we should lately and barely ever have sex anymore. It seems like when we do talk its about his work or a fight. I'm struggaling with ppd and... more
Asked by jill scroggie
1 answer
My daughter will be in first grade this year. Half way thur school last year we noticed a change. Emma has always be very out going. Always talked to everyone. Now she is scared to eat around people... more
Asked by Kimmieapples
2 answers
My best friend in the whole world is pregnant and she is due two weeks before my daughter tunrs 1. I am super-excited that our kids are going to be so close in age, andI can't wait to throw her a... more
Asked by oceana brooks
12 answers
My husband is in the army a while ago he got hurt and got to come home which was exciting not the getting hurt part but getting to see him. But sadly they sent him back because he just broke a few... more
Asked by Kimmieapples
5 answers
Ok, I admit I knew a lot of these things about my boyfriend and have stayed with him for 5 years anyways. He is a good person. I love him otherwise I would not have had a baby with him, but he is... more
Asked by oceana brooks
10 answers
he has been wanting sex all the time which is totally ok when im not big fat and pregnant and it doesnt hurt he didnt want nothing to do with me sexually then i talked him in to having sex now he... more
Asked by vintagegreen
4 answers
My husband complains about everything! How much childcare is, how much my mother buys our daughter, how little sex we have(we have a 6 month old!), how bored he is because I go to bed early, how much... more
Asked by yuri_lesbo
8 answers
My mom keeps asking me how come she saw my "boyfriend" huging another guy and holding his hand. I dont know how to lie to her about that. I cant let her know he's for show!
Asked by mommeeh2
1 answer
After my second baby, I am just feeling not attracted to my husband. I do not want to be intimate sexually with him and anytime he slightly touches my engorged breasts I cringe. I hate feeling like... more