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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.

Baby Names (108)

Asked by jessykaboyd
1 answer
I'm having trouble deciding a girl's name. Please give me your initial reaction, or similar ideas! Thanks! Raven Taylor Ryza middle name?
Asked by specula33395842
0 answers
We don't want to know the sex of our baby so we have a boy and girl name picked out but want to make sure they "flow." The names we are looking at are Ellenora Marie Geary or Joseph Ryan Geary.
Asked by VforVenture
6 answers
So, I'm pregnant, and thinking it's a boy. My husband and I have begun to think about names, but we're having a very hard time coming up with anything good. In truth, it's hard because we have so... more
Asked by PeekAbooMommy
4 answers
My due date is January 23, so I am running out of time to pick the right name. I really like the names: Matthew,Gavin,Ayden,Emmett, and Joel. I am having a hard time finding middle names so if you... more
7 answers
So we are having a baby we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet. But we already have the names picked out. For a girl is going to be Faith and for a boy Noah. But I don't want them to have middle... more
Asked by Teengirlinlove
3 answers
The girl name was already picked, so I have been thinking about boy names. I have come up with a few to go with the middle name, Drew. Kyson,Ryder,Riley,Toby, Russel,Mason, Finnegan. If you have any... more
Asked by la.negrita
3 answers
Well,I started birth control pills this month and on my last pill I had sex with my husband but I forgot my pill until next day.I been 3 days of that and I dont have my period yet.I'm scare cuz on... more
Asked by Teengirlinlove
4 answers
Alex and I have already picked out some names that we like and we already have the girls name picked out, so I was just wondering if you could think of some middle names to go with the boy name we... more
Asked by Miamomma
5 answers
I had bella's name ready from the time I found out I was preggo,So I thought why not go ahead and find something.The names we like are,Annie Olivia,Piper Jolen,Gale Finneagan,Odzes Yilin (odd-zes) (... more