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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.

Third Trimester (378)

Asked by mackenziesm30g
1 answer
I am 34 weeks pregnant... more
Asked by chrissy72785gm
0 answers
So I am 39weeks 4 days due on Halloween and no type of signs of labor having a boy this is my third child I just want him to come out already i went last week to the doctors was not dilated at all... more
Asked by karmawinsagain1
0 answers
So I'm 38 weeks today and not dialed, 0% effaciated and haven't lost my mucus plug. I've been having menstral like cramping, lack of sleep (3-4hrs a night!), aches/pains everywhere and feeling just... more
Asked by rachaelmeckes22
0 answers
I am 32 weeks pregnant and I woke up this morning feeling some discomfort in my vagina. It has progress but I figure it is due to her dropping. But I notice some clear pinkish skin looking stuff when... more
Asked by stacey_presley
0 answers
Hi there, I'm 32 weeks today and am looking for some advice, yesterday I lost my plug,well the midwive said it was that, had a midwives appointment today and told her and she said it's fine and can... more
Asked by kesseljaney
0 answers
I am 39 weeks and 2 days, I am due on October 31, my next doctors appointment is Tuesday, October 28. My cervix is 65% effaced and I am only two centimeters dilated. At my last appointment my doctor... more
Asked by jennifereberle7
0 answers
I am full term 75% thined and dialated to 2 I have been having contractions for about a week went to the hospital once but they would not induce me. so here I am verry miseraible and now I am having... more
Asked by ishvisahaani
0 answers
Hello, I am in the 7th month of pregnancy. Please suggest me what care I need to take in this month.