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Cervical Fluid....@ 7 wks?

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Before we got pregnant I was charting and taking my now I'm in the habit of watching my cervical fluid and I've had a moderate amout since....well a while. Is this normal?

answers (3)

Throughout the pregnancy the increased blood flow and estrogen will increase vaginal discharge.  This is my second and I’ve experience (or noticed) more discharge with this one, discharge is normal.
Completely normal, but be sure to take note of the color, white or clear is fine, but greenish or grey and you may have a bacterial infection due to the pH balance during pregnancy and should be looked at by a physcian.
It is completely normal to see some fluid during pregnancy.  You are fine as long as it isn't looking like a big ball of snot and isn't a brownish or redish color.  If it is white in color and looks like cottage cheese then you may have a yeast infection (which happens to a lot of us pregnant women).  I am on my 4th pregnancy and when I was on my first I was like you and worried about the discharge.  I asked my doctor and he said it was perfectly normal.  I would suggest talking to your doctor about this.  He/she will tell you that it is normal.  I hope that this helped.

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