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Changing drs. this late?

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I am moving to mooresville very soon within a week or 2 and wellI want my dr and hospital to be closer to where I live... I will be 32 weeks on thursday. Has anyone changed drs. this late? I really like the one I have now but it would just be more convient.

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I had to change doctors at 36 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy because we found out that the hospital I had to deliver at would only cover 40% of the bill with our insurance.  If we switched doctors and hospitals the insurance would cover all of the labor and birth.  I also delivered 2 weeks early so I only knew my doctor for 2 weeks and she still wasn't even the one that was there when i delivered.  She didn;t make it to the hospital in time and my mom and a nurse delivered my baby.  I am not trying to scare you just letting you know that when is comes to the birth of your baby anything can happen and I think that if you want to switch you will be fine.  To make yourself more comfortable when you switch find a good mid-wife because they will take the time to get to know you and your family more so you will feel comfortable with her faster.  Good luck!
The latest I ever changed drs was like 17 weeks but that went fine. I'm sure you can find a dr and get to know them in 8 weeks. I use a mid wife and she is wonderful! They do tend to be more focused on you and more helpful I think. I would definitely aim for a mid wife if I were you. This is the second one I've used and I just thought the first one was great until I started seeing this one and she was so much better! Even though the first one wasn't as great as the second she was still better than a regular dr. I hope this helps you some. Good luck sweetie! :)
I wish I had switched my doctor with my 2nd, but by the time I decided I really didn't like him it was so late in my pregnancy (over half way) that I thought I was being silly.  I wish I had switched, expecially since he wasn't even there when Riley was born because he lived too far away from.  He came the day after to check on us...ugh!  Anyway, switch if it makes you more comfortable.  It's definitely not too late!
I would go ahead and switch if it makes you feel better.. you dont want to be driving a long ways to the hospital and dr when you are in labor anyways =) I have never changed drs after a couple months into the pregnancy but if I had any concerns or any fears then I would in a heartbeat to make the delivery and everything go as easy for me as possible.. good luck =)

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