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Cheating Boyfriend? What would you do?

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I'm Due April 27th but scheduled for an induction on the goes. A month ago we were told to remove old files & downloads from this computer because it needed to be updated. So to pass the time that's what I did until I came across a file with my boyfriends email address on it. I opened it to find another file that read "history" so I opened that to find a partially saved convo between ''R'' & another woman from 3 yrs. ago! I deleted it & asked him about it & he said it was old & that was the end of that. A week ago I decided to look in that file again & there were 4 saved messages from his email from 4 different women! I got even more suspicious so I asked him about those & he got mad & said he didn't know who they were! I decided to look on email chat sites to see where he had profiles & if they were being used & just tonite I logged onto "" & found his profile! I laughed @ 1st til I read what he was looking for......"Erotic Massage, One on One Sex, Phone Sex, Erotic chat/email" & it said he was logged in 3 weeks ago! Immediately asked him about it & he denied logging on there & claimed his profile was "old". I was shocked! I did ask him to pack his things & leave. I may sound crazy but he was playing me for a fool & I feel so bad for our son & unborn baby girl. He won't get to see her being born-his first daughter. So tell me, What would you do ?

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Honestly I would have done what you have already done.  The only reason I say this is because he lied about it when confronted and still denied it even though you have proof.  My husband 4 years ago had done something similiar except it was one woman and an old friend from school.  When confronted he told me the truth.  He and I since have fixed everything and we are very happy now.  The difference is that your significant other lied and that means that even after the fact he intends to keep doing it and you don't need all of that.  I think you did the right thing. Just stand your ground on it though.  Good luck.
Almost every single guy I've ever dated has cheated on me, and as I've gotten smarter from these experiences, you start to notice little things [like what the computer history says vs. what he's telling you].  I lived with another guy I thought I was going to marry at one point, who used to wake up in the middle of the night and surf sites like or get in touch iwth his ex.  He told me I was invading his privacy.  Computer history doesn't lie, neither do call logs or text messages in phones.  Every single time I've approached a boyfriend, and even my husband, about something that I was either snooping for or accidentally fell across, I made sure I did my research first to have hard evidence to support the angle I was coming from.  I would do the same thing you did.  Who's to say he won't do it again?When you really think about it deep down inside, it's healthier for each of your kids, you and him to hash out these problems now, before it's to the point where it can cause even more damage [think of how your kids would react ten years from now].  No matter what decision you make, I'm sure it'll be tough, but when there's little ones around, you really need to plan for the future- even if you're the only responsible parent doing it!

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