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I am 5 week pregnant. I have two names picked out: Taylor Anne if it is a girl and Jake Reed if it is a boy. What do you think about these names?

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Jake Reed is super cute!!!! I like Taylor Anne too. I'm more into not so common names, but those are good choices. Good luck with your pregnancy!:)
I have a friend who just named her 3rd girl Taylor Anne, she calls her Tay-Tay.  Too funny!  I love both names.  They are not too common that they are overused and they both are names your baby can grow with.  :)
i nanny for a little boy named taylor we call him tay tay lol... and the little girls name is evan call her evie, to me was weird when i first heard them lol... i really like jake reed im just not a big fan of taylor.. but i like anne lol
They sound good together! Go with what you love though! Once you know the sex try using the name for a couple of weeks before you tell everyone. That way you are sure. We have known it is a girl for 4 weeks and we just came up with Molly Alyssa. We will not say that is it for sure for a litle bit though...even though it makes us smile. ( it is really close to first daughters name though...Lilly Marissa) Good luck and congrats!!!
I love both of them! Super Cute Name!

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