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chemical Pregnancy??

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I have a 5month old son and have been getting regular periods since having him and i know ive been ovulating...i know maybe too much info but thought id give background information ....anyway.... i thought i was pregnant earlier this month so i took a pregnnacy test and it came back positive. The line was faint on the test stick but you could obviously see a line well two days later i got my period and i took another test to be on the safe side and it was negative. Do you think it was a chemical pregnancy or a false positive? We we're really trying to get pregnant but when i thought i was i got really excited and now im pretty bummed :(

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It was probably a false positive.  Keep trying!  I know how hard it is to see negative when you want to see positive so bad!  Try not to get too disappointed and keep at it.  I found a website that told me my best days to get pregnant based on when my last period was and we did it during that time period and got pregnant that month.  Keep trying!  Good luck!
I read that researchers think that up to 40% of pregnancies miscarry before your missed period. It means that people probably get pregnant all the time, but the pregnancy ends when a woman expects that she should get her period, so nobody ever knows... so you could have been pregnant....
thanks everyone!

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