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Children in delivery room?

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Has anyone had to have their other children in the delivery room with them? My husband and I travel for work and his parents are 12+ hours away and mine are 15+ hours away. Our closest family is 6+ so not a short drive for a spontaneous delivery. I was wondering if anyone else has gone into labor and had to take their other children with them to the hospital and how it worked out for you? I'm worried that if I go into labor before our family can get here that we might have to take the boys (5 and 3 yrs old) with us. With my 2nd son I went got into a bed at the hospital at 2:15am and he was born at 2:47am...very spontaneous considering he was 2 days past his due date. We were lucky and my MIL was already with us expecting him to be sooner, but it doesn't always work that way. Any experiences, thoughts or suggestions would be great! Thanks ladies!

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You may want to check in your area for daycare centers that let you pay by the day. Even check on daycare centers that operate at night. Talk to them and see if they can give you options. They daycare I work at charges 20 a day and will take children for a few days in emergencies as such. they may even be able to suggest people in your area who watch children. Checking into it early will allow you time to get to know these people and maybe get your children aquainted with them as well. Also you can talk with your hospital. Some hospitals have care areas for such a thing or can offer you some suggestions. And lastly, Talk with your doctor or pediatritian. They may have resources for you as well.
I work so the boys are both in school during the day.  Our youngest is in all day preschool and our oldest is in kindergarten with afterschool care.  We haven't been here very long so we don't know anyone and our neighbors are all old - we are in a retirement/vacation home community.  It was the only place we could find for the length of time we needed to rent our home.  I hadn't thought to check the hospital though, I'll ask at my next appointment.  Thanks!

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