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Cloth vs. Disposable

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i have heard that cloth diapers are cheaper but from what i seen it doesnt seem that way....Have i been looking in the wrong places? I'm not sure what website it was but it was giving an estimate on disposable diapers cost and it said about $500 per year. All of the cloth diapers i have looked at seem to me to be about the same and more hassle... It's all really confusing and i dont have extra money to be throwing away on diapers so can somebody please help me figure this out!?!?

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I personally wouldn't want all the hassle of it. Not to mention even if they cost about the same you will have extra laundry, alot cause babies go all the time! That racks up water bill and laundry detergent. So I don't really see it being cheaper. I have always stuck with disposable and been happy. If you are worried about the cost try the wal-mart brand or luvs they both worked great for my kids and are quite a bit cheaper. Good luck! :)
I have read that if you use a diaper service, where they come and pick up the dirty ones and drop off clean, then it costs about the same. If you wash them yourself, it is probably cheaper in the long run.Some other advantages to cloth are that they tend to help kids recognize the need to eliminate because they actually feel the wetness and they breathe - no nasty humid air stuck next to your baby's bum and private bits.  Something to think about. :)
We are talking about using cloth too.  The environmental reason is behind my thoughts on it.  We recycle as much as we can and try to limit our actual trash waste, I really don't want to add diapers to it.  We'll use disposables for daycare because it's our choice to use the cloth ones and I don't want to inconvenience a business.  But for at home I really think we want to use cloth too.  I don't mind washing them, you tend to wash a ton of baby clothes anyway.  I've been researching some online and there are some with really good reviews, better leak control than disposables.  I don't know about the cost savings part of it, but I'm sure eventually it will factor in.
Cloth are WAY cheaper in the long run. Disposables may be $500 year, times 3 years until you potty train + $1500 . I spent maybe 2-300 on my cloth, and used them all the way through for my daughter (minus a couple that were newborn). Plus, I still have them for when baby #2 arrives! Actually, my daughter still wears them at night sometimes. Way cheaper, better for the planet, and better for baby! Do your research, buy good adjustables sizes.
What kind do you use?

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