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I am just wondering if there are any other pregnant woman out there who are as Clumsy as i am. Omg, Im talking like I trip over things ALL THE TIME NOW. I have fallen TWICE since i've been pregnant and I hear being pregnant makes you Clumsy and Careless... IS THIS TRUE??

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I assume so because I can be walking and trip over nothing. I run into the wall all the time too. At least you're not alone lol.
nope I definitly think it has to do with pregnancy.. I can fall over nothing.. I literally fell down my stairs the other day because my foot missed the step and I have walked down them many times lol.. thankfully I landed on my butt but felt so dumb =) And I trip over thin air as I walk across the floor.. be ware it seems to get worse the further along you get too lol or atleast it has for me =)
Yeah I think it's something to do with pregnancy cause I'm constantly tripping or running into things.  Just the other day I bumped my head on a bathroom cabinet because I was not paying attention and my husband is constantly asking me if I'm okay or looking at me like I'm crazy.  I feel like I have a big sign on my forehead that reads loser.  But it's nice to know that I'm not alone.
i do it regardless if im pregnant or not lol im just a clumsy person but being pregnant, as i am, makes it more often..u ever walk in a room and them dam walls just keep jumpin at u? lol
It is pregnancy.  Your balance and equalibrium are off due to the added weight/person growing inside you.  It doesn't help that you might not be able to see your feet either (at least that's my case).  Either way, it's normal and expected.  Wear sensible shoes and try to look ahead of where you are walking before you step if you can't see below the belly!  LOL!  :)
I was already a little clumpsy prior to pregnancy, but now it is ridiculous.  I'm in my 3rd trimester now so when I drop something, it is such a pain to bend down and get it...half the time I'll leave it there until someone else comes along and retrieve it for me!

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