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I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my second child. I want to make him/her a baby blanket but since our first ultrasound was inconclusive I'm going to start with neutral colors and I'm not sure if lavender and pale pink will go with yellow because lavender and pale pink are the colors I want to use if its a girl and I have yellow from left over from making my sons first blanket. I also need suggestions for boy colors other than green and baby blue for a boy because those are the colors I used for my first sons blanket and don't want them to be too similar. Any ideas/suggestions?

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We used bold colors for my nephews (I have all girls).  Reds, royal purples, yellow, browns.  Unfortunately, boys stuff isnt that vibrant, as I'm sure you know. My daughter has red, black, lavendar, yellow, pink and sage in her ladybug room.  That baby is gonna love that blanket no matter what color cause its comfy and smells like mom. 
the theme seems to be pastel in your color scheme so i would stick with that as well as mixing in some white to break up the colors
if i have a girl im gona use these colors ,baby pink,hot pink,carnation pink,tikle me pink,salmon, and if i have a boy ,robins egg blue,sky blue,cornflower,cadet blue,turqoise blue, i think it will make beautiful blankets
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