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I'm 17 wks and i have felt my baby move, like flutters but i have felt it ,and since yesterday like i don't feel it as much as before, and don't know if i should be feeling it more everyday or what?? I feel it a little but not as much as before, like hours apart... should i be concerned about it?

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You doctor usually wont have you start doing "kick counts" until your third trimester.  That is when they are most worried about lack of motion from your baby.  Right now i wouldn't worry about it.  I'm at almost 26 weeks and sometimes my baby keeps me up at night and others I dont feel him unless I sit really still and talk to him.  I think, at around where you are, I was the most worried about things my baby did or didn't do.  But as long as you aren't in pain or having bleeding, you are probably fine.  Some people don't feel their baby move at all at 17 weeks. I'm sure everything is fine.  If you are still worried about it, ask your doctor at your next scheduled appointment.
Ok, Thank you Kaitlynkristine.. i will ask my dr on my next appt.

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