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concerned about my baby

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i am 34 weeks pregnant and i dont feel my baby move as much as people say i should and some other people tell me that if i dont feel him move as much that that could be a sign of mental retardation ia that true????? he does move he moves when i am sitting down and laying down and when i shake my belly this is my first baby and i am getting really freaked out PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!

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ok I am 32 weeks and my dr has not said anything about the baby suppose to be moving around a certain amount.. I have been told that if the movement slows down from what it was before then you might want to get concerned but make sure you are only comparing your baby to itself and not what other people are saying.. this is our second child and this little guy moves a ton more then our daughter did.. some babies are just different I guess.. I have honestly never heard anything about not moving much meaning mental retardation..I woudl say dont worry too much you are getting far enough along that the little thing is running out of alot of extra room to move anyways and if it calms you down.. I have been told that orange juice will get teh baby moving and it works for me if I drink a glass then the little guy goes crazy good luck and hope i have been able to help calm your fears atleast a little =)
my doctor told me that around now, (34 weeks) the baby runs out of room to move a lot,so it wont be moving the same as it used to. He told me that if I get concerned, then drink some Orange juice and sit in a quiet room for a while...I guess orange juice makes the baby move more? I dont know.he also told me,that is I dont feel the baby move in a full day,then to contact him.BUT, my friend is 34 weeks as well,and her doctor told her she should be feeling the baby move every hour.(which doesnt make sence to me,because if you're walking around lots,and being active,youre probably rocking the baby to sleep,so it wont be moving as much as it would when you're sitting down or something)I just go by my gut. Mother knows best! so if you do feel concerned,theres nothing wrong with calling up the doctor and getting checked out. better safe than sorry.
I wouldn't listen to everything you're being told. I've never heard that not moving is a sign of mental reterdation. You're baby is running out of room especially if you're small. Try to calm down and think about if you'rebaby is moving less than it was. If so and you're worried call your dr. Good luck :)
I have never heard  the association to mental retardation either.. I have heard thatwhen you are moving you are rocking the baby to sleep so that may be why you feel him more when you sit still. also ask your doctor how long is toolong to go without feeling movement.. if you hitthattime call and they will hook up to a monitor to check the baby to ease your fears

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