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I'm confused which month is 12wks

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Twelve weeks is three months, but still the first trimester. Some say the 13th week is the start of the second trimester, but most wait until you are 13 weeks along and headed into your 14th week before pronouncing the first trimester over. Some even wait until you complete your 14th week and are about to start your 15th.
take 12 and divide it by 4 (weeks in a month). you are 3 months. always divide by 4
You start counting the first day of your last period as the beginning day of your pregnancy. Than count forward 40 weeks from this day for your due date. The 12th week is the end of your first trimester and your 3rd month of pregnancy. The 13th week begins your second trimester which is generally considered the safe-time to announce your pregnancy publicly. Congrats & Best of Luck! :)
When you are listening for baby's heartbeat, it's very common to hear your own heart beat. They are be mistaken for each other if you are unsure in where and what you are listening for. If they did a blood test adn that's showing negative then you're probably not pregnant. I am sorry. Bloods tests are the most postivie way of being tested for pregnancy.If you are sure that you are pregnant then you can go and try at a different hospital but not be dissapointed if the results are the same. But if it will be you a peace of mind about it then go for it. Hope everything gets answered and turns out for you. :)
You probably heard your own heartbeat. There are a lot of large veins and arteries that go through your abdomen and the doppler can pick those up. The doctor always hears my heartbeat before she finds my baby's. If you got a negative pregnancy test you are not pregnant.
If you have gotten two negative pregnancy test results but have not gotten your period in a few months, you should see your doctor.
My mother had a similar issue.  she has had 5 kids and with all of us never had a positve result on a test. She always had to go see a doctor and have a blood test done to find out for sure she was right with her assumptions.  This isnt true for everyone so I suggest seeing your gyno they can find out if your pregnant via blood test/ultrasound or if something else is going on. 

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