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Confused and Scared

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I am 29 weeks along, and i'm seriously considering a natural birth.. any sugestions?? everyone is telling me not to because of the pain, but, i think i really want to do it.. i want advice, not ridicule... i also think that if i watch the birth through a mirror that i won't think of the pain too much because i can see the progress that i am making and that it will just make me excited and make me want to push harder... any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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I think if it is what you want that you should definitely go for it. I plan to have a natural birth this time also and like you I'm nervous. My husband isn't very supportive of the idea. He says why can't I just do it like everyone else? With that said support is a definite plus and also birth tools. Birth ball, water, massages, oils, and music. There are more but I can't remember them off the top of my head lol. Reading natural birth stories and watching the baby stories on tv has helped. I really hope that  you have the support you need to go forward with the birth you want. Good luck sweetie! :)
I'm having a natural because the pain with a C-section and trying to take care of the baby is horrible, not to mention your in the hospital longer, theres a risk of infection with a C-section. Also, some doctors wont just give out c-sections, not to mention there are drugs that lesson the pain, and your pain tolerence helps as well.. I do not want to watch, im not squimish or anything, i just don't want to.. Hope this helps.. :)
My advice, go in with a plan.  Do your research, find your "zen" place and your body will let you know when you need to push, but be open to the fact that you might want to change your mind and that's okay too.  It doesn't make you weak, any less of a woman or mommy; it makes you sensible for being open minded to trying it a different way. My plan with #1 was to do it naturally and I made it to 5cm before I decided that wasn't for me.  My plan with #2 was to do it blissfully with and epidural, but I was already at 4cm for weeks before the birth so by the time I laid down I was a 9 and almost ready to push.  I did have him with no drugs at all and having experienced it I'm not a fan. BUT that doesn't mean that it won't be the best experience for YOU.  I'm probably famous for saying every person and every pregnancy is different and you have to do what's right for YOU.  Shame on anyone trying to belittle your choice as a woman and a soon to be mommy.  From past experiences, I know for me it's best to be open to the fact that it's not going to go like I have it in my head and that's my biggest piece of advice to be open minded.   Your body will let you know when to push and how hard, listen to your body.  Good luck!!!  :)
I talked to alot of people about it, there was this one lady who had 5 NATURAL BIRTHS and she said she wouldn't take it back if she could. I'm told its more magical and as soon as you see that precious little babies face all the pain goes away and its definitely worth all of it. It's up to you how you want to experience it. :)) CONGRATULATIONS
you should find the movie "the bussiness of being born" or another good one is "orgasmic birth"both movies helped me a lot in deciding wether or not I wanted a natural birth.(which I am going to do!) 
I really think i want to do it naturally. However, I have no idea what to expect because this will be my first child. I start my lamaze classes on the 15th, so hopefully after that, I'll be better prepared for him to come.
Another thing I would suggest is to get books on the different birth classes. A few of the ones I wanted were the bradley method and one on hypnobirthing. I would try to be as educated as possible in the different ways. You might go through the lamaze classes and find when you're in labor that they aren't as effective for you as some of the others out there. Do you know anyone who has had a natural birth that can give you pointers? Or advice on what worked best for them? I've had one natural birth but was very young and asthma caused problems for that. Now I wanna try again and I'm as worried as you are! Lol. Good luck hun. :)
I don't know anyone that has had a natural birth. They all wanted an epidural. They also keep trying to make the decision for me, telling me that I should get an epidural and saying that I'm crazy for not wanting one... But I just want to be able to feel everything including the pain. I want to be able to experience everything that comes with a natural birth... But, it always gets me down that everyone is trying to steer me away from making my own decisions..

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