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I am 20 weeks pregnant and having issues with constipation -- I eat well lots of fibre ( well I try) and drink as much water as I can (its hard to remember sometimes) but I still seem to be getting clogged up. I will not have a B/M for maybe a week or more and then one morning (always morning) soon after have it all come out at once it is quite unpleasant and my stomache basically feels like I'm throwing up. To clarify the B/M isn't diareah either its just alot and painful. Has anyone had a similar situation? It's gross but I guess if I had to pick between this and throwing up morning sickness I would take this. (Lol) Thanks for any advice!

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It happens when you're pregnant (the horomones that relax your uterus and what not also relax your bowels, so they slack off and get lazy). A week in between is a little extreme. Try some metamucil or something if you find it hard to eat fibre. Other then tons of fluid and fibre, there isn't much you can do, but if you're only going once a week, check with your doctor and see what they can do. (Raisin Bran, apples, oranges and whole wheat bread are all great pregnancy and fibre foods!)
My doctor told me that Citracel is a safe daily supplement that you can take for fiber.  I just take it when I take my prenatal.  After being on it about a week, my stools loosened up and I was able to have regular BMs without pain and without constipation.  I took them every day for about 2 months and now I'm find on my own.  It just took my body a while to adjust to being pregnant and the change in hormones and nurishing the baby.  :)

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