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What exactly do these things feel like? I have medical problems with my legs and I had an episode last night. I got these really weird feelings in my lower abdomen...kinda painful but I was too consumed with my leg pains. Can contractions be triggered by crying too hard/long?

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First off no contractions cannot be triggered by crying for to hard or long.  Contractions vary for everyone.  For me they felt like the worst cramps in the world that came and went.  You will feel these in your abdomen and in your lower back.  They will start out like little cramps, but they will come and go at the same intervals and then start to get more intense and come more quickly.  Watch out for Braxton Hicks (false labor).  I think what you felt 2 weeks ago was just your legs hurting.  I get painful leg cramps sometimes and they hurt my abdomen as well as my legs. If you ever think you are in labor go to the hospital.  Even if it turns out to be nothing at least you know that.
Also, leg cramps can be caused by a calcium deficiency, so if you're not taking a supplement, try it!  They say 1,000mg before bed helps, but check with the doc to be sure.

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