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Could this be mucous plug or regular discharge? (Don't read if u have a weak stomach)

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I'm 37 wks. & 4 days & 1.5 cm dialated (could be more since Tues). I've noticed a lot of discharge & it looks white & has a different odor. It doesn't smell bad but almost like amnio fluid because I've never had this odor before in my life. What color & texture is the mucous plug?

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First off if you are concerned please go to the hospital or call your doctor.  Second the mucus plug is usually stained with a brownish or redish color.  The plug also will look like a big gob of snot, but again with the hint of a brownish or redish color.  Again I will say just go to the hospital because that way you know for certain.
I was in labor- but still in the early stages- when I lost mine.  I went to pee, and when I wiped, it felt slimy.  I looked at the toilet paper and it looked kind of like it does when you have your period.  From that point, I wore a thin liner til I got to the hospital- 6 hours later I had my baby!
It could be a regular discharge, tomorrow is my 40 weeks start and i lost a mucus plug  today, so its have to be a brownish or redish color and looks like you have a periods, and its gonna come out once only. I used to have a lot of  white, yellow and sticky discharge before and now its finnaly the plug, so maybe just call your doctor and find out if its normal.

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