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Could I be pregnant?

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Over the last week I have been really nauseated and fruity smells make me sick, my back has been hurting me very badly and is stiff in the lower areas, I am very tired most of the time. Also, my stomach is beginning to become tighter in the lower area and I've been having sharp pains like severe cramps. Can any one help me or explain why I am having these symptoms?

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All of those symptoms are pregnancy symptoms.  If you have missed a period, you should get a test.
They can be anything from PMS to pregnancy to your mind nit picking everything. I would take a pregnacy test if you are trying to conceive and are unsure. Otherwise I'd ride it out and not be to concerned and wait for mother nature to deliver aunt flow.
The best time to take a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning.  (Pregnancy hormones are most concentrated in your first pee of the day - depending upon how early along in your pregnancy you are, a home test might not be sensitive enough to pick up hormone levels later in the day.)  While you wait to take another test, just try to take good care of yourself - if you are pregnant, you want to give your baby the best start possible.If your next test comes back negative, but you still think that you might be pregnant, visit your OB/GYN.  S/he can perform blood tests to track the levels of hormones in your blood, which can tell you whether or not you're pregnant.Good luck!
The blissful happiness may just be a "biological clock" thing.  You may be emotionally ready to have a baby.  I was really emotional when I first got pregnant.  I didn't feel blissfully happy, just worried that something would go wrong or I was getting my hopes up.  It may just be that you are getting along well with the guy and deep down want him to have a reason to stay with you, and take care of you.  He seems like a good guy, I mean, he's asking you about your period and sounds concerned. You don't want to "scare him away" but he deserves to be a part of your pregnancy.The symptoms may be paranoia.  I drove my husband CRAZY with my possible symptoms! Until you find out if you are pregnant, don't worry too much about telling him he may be a father.  If it turns out that you are, talk to him about it.  If you are close enough to have sex then, in my opinion, you should be able to talk about the consequences together.  Plus not telling him and having him find out later would be way harder. If you are sure that he's the father, he deserves to know and decide whether or not he wants to be in the life of this child you created.The good news is, you shouldn't have to wait more than a month to know for sure if you are pregnant.  Be sure that if you are sexually active, and not using birthcontrol, you are taking prenatal vitamins.  It is important that your baby gets the nutrients it needs.Good luck!
not everyone will have symptoms of being pregnant that early.. I personally did not know until my missed period with both of my children. I have had terrible morning sickness this time around but that didnt start until abotu week 6.. just remember if you are stressing or worrying alot about getting pregnant you can cause yourself to be late or even miss your period.. I did this before we concieve our first baby.. and you can even have some of the other signs because you have "tricked" your body into thinking you are pregnant.. I noticed with both of my babies that it seemed the second we stopped trying and just had fun ;) that we ended up conceiving.. good luck!!
you may or may not be..take a home test first responce tells u 6 days before ur missed period..and if ur trying to get pregnant remember that ur egg only drops for one day out of the whole month so try buying a fertility monitor to see when ur ovulating so u have better chances..and good luck! i hope u r!
First you should never take that many birth control pills at one time!!!  That's very dangerous!  Just as an fyi - if you skip a day or a couple of days, just start from where you left off - never try to make them up.  That's hormone overload!  I doubt you are pregnant, especially after taking that many pills and so sporatically.  The antibiotics may throw your system off a little, but it's so hard to say.  The symptoms could very well be in your head, especially at this point your baby would probably just be making it's way down there to implant.  You really aren't pregnant enough to have symptoms being that you ovulated only 5 days ago.  I wouldn't be too nervous.  Continue to take your bc like you are supposed to unless you want to get pregnant.
I know now that I shouldn't have taken that many pills, I think I kinda just freaked out and took them all at once. Thank you for your thoughts. I also think that my head/ antibiotics are making my body feel weird. I'm just worried that is all. Thank you again
there is a psability that u r but the only way to know is to wait and see if u get your perid and if u do not that call the dr and let them know
If you are on a birth control pill, you do not ovulate. The hormones in the pills disrupt the cycle. Chances of you being pregnant are very slim.


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