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Could I be pregnant?

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Over the last week I have been really nauseated and fruity smells make me sick, my back has been hurting me very badly and is stiff in the lower areas, I am very tired most of the time. Also, my stomach is beginning to become tighter in the lower area and I've been having sharp pains like severe cramps. Can any one help me or explain why I am having these symptoms?

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I think its possible that you could be. In the pamplet that comes with the birth control pills it says you can get pregnant if you take antibiotics while taking birth control pills. Now given you would have gotten pregnant less than a week ago its unlikely that you would even know. Your body doesn't tend to show signs until around 6 weeks. However this time I had symptoms that started at aabout 3 weeks. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you want to get pregnant then talk to your bf and if he's all for it then stop taking your pills. Other than that wait until your period and if it doesn't come then try a home test. Best of luck and I hope all turns out the way you want. Good luck! :)
Well immediately after I get preg then I have symptoms. I have 5 children. From experience antibiotics make you more fertile and less likely that your bc will work. good luck.
I would recommend having a blood test done at your doc's office. For some reason, my aunt had the same problem with hpts, as accurate as they are becoming, they're still not 100%. You sound pregnant, but it's better to know for sure. Good luck! :)
well false negtive pregnancy test happen alot when i was pregnant with my daughter caitlyn i had 4 positive and 4 negitive test and i went to the doctor and then they said i was pregnant and it depends on the name brand some name brands suck and they give you a false negitive and a few times in a the past people have got a false positive its better to not take the birth control pills untill your sure that you not pregnant i dont think it could hurt the baby if you are pregnant but just to be sure that it wouldnt just dont take them untill you know if your pregnant or not
I must say it really amazes me the number of people I see talk about using the "pull out method" as birth control. Seriously it doesnt work, do another test or see a doctor for a more definitive answer. In the future if you are not wanting a baby and you miss a pill you should consider a condom for that week (when you miss a pill it screws up the whole week)Also stressing about being pregnant can make your period screw up more and can be deceiving :)Good luck
Don't take the pills until you know. Use a condom until you know just in case. I came up with negitives the whole time with my first until i took a blood test, they are more reliable.Also i don't want to sound harsh but if you do not want a baby (which is shown by trying to take the pill), you have to use condoms! If you are not responsable enough to take your pills you are not responsable enough to know when you are ovulating. There is a very high consitration of sperm in pre-cum which is ejaculated from the moment an erection occurs. I could never remember to take pills either, you can get on Depo or some other forms of birth control also that aren't an everyday thing.Good luck!
You should probably see a doctor. That doesn't sound normal at all....even if you were pregnant, which I think is unlikely because of the negative tests. The doctor will be a lot more helpful.
go ahead and take a test. it's been 2 weeks. no one on this site is going to be able to tell you if you are prego or not.
If you were pregnant you would not be have symptoms yet, and it is unlikely, though possible, since sperm only live for 5-7 days and most women will ovulate 12-14 days after the first day of their period, not 9. In any case, it takes at least a week for the fertilized egg to start producing HCG, which is what starts causing the pregnancy symptoms. Probably you are having these symptoms because of nerves, the brain can cause a lot of physical symptoms. Take a test if you end up with a late period, but in the mean time relax and don't drink or do anything else you shouldn't do while pregnant. Hope that helps.
Girl, TAKE A TEST! Lol, like pinkpaisley8709 said, no one on here can tell you if you are or not. True that we could tell you its a possibility but if you think when you had sex 2 weeks ago that you were ovulating then take a darn test :). And to krystal89 yes you CAN have symptoms that early, I had no clue I was pregnant with my son, had no idea there was even the slightest possibilty but realized that I was a week late and had already been having period like cramps for OVER a week then, and my boobs were so sore when I would accidently bump one, I wanted to cry lol. Finally, I realized, OMG IM LATE haha, by then I was 11 days late when I took a test, but Maryfinney20 plenty of people who are prego, are able to get a positive by the day they missed their period. I think its time ;)


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