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Could I be pregnant?

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Over the last week I have been really nauseated and fruity smells make me sick, my back has been hurting me very badly and is stiff in the lower areas, I am very tired most of the time. Also, my stomach is beginning to become tighter in the lower area and I've been having sharp pains like severe cramps. Can any one help me or explain why I am having these symptoms?

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Those all sound like pregnancy symptoms to me. You should buy a pregnancy test and see!
Those all sound like pregnancy symptoms to me. You should buy a pregnancy test and see!
It sounds like its likely that what you've been experiencing is the result of the hormones interacting with your body. You would need to wait about two weeks from the date of potential conception before taking a pregnancy test. If you are wanting to change birth control pills you will need to discuss the possibility of you being pregnant with your doctor and he or she will advise you on how to proceed regarding new pills, when to take a test, etc.
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Regardless of when you ovulate, you can't get pregnant that close to your period. Ovulation needs to occur at least 10 days before the onset of your period In order for the fertilized egg to have the chance to implant.


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