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could it be twins? please help!

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I have 2 other kids and i have never had symptoms this early this bad. I am only 7 weeks and my breasts are so tender they hurt inside my shirt and bra. i have alot of morning sickness and heartburn. im just wondering if anyone who has had twins had symptoms like this that early.

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Most women, when pregnant with twins, experience pregnancy symptoms more severly than those carrying a singleton.  However, just because you're feeling more tender breasts and morning sickness does not mean twins.  While I was pregnant with my twins, I did not experience any morning sickness, just a lot of fatigue.  If you're seven weeks with your third pregnancy, chances are the first thing you would notice with a multiple pregnancy is that you have a HUGE baby bump already.  I was in maternity pants by eight weeks, and had an obvious baby bump at nine weeks, and it was my first pregnancy when most moms don't show before 16 weeks or so.  If you're concerned, ask your OB about it.

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