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could postpartum depression set in 4 weeks after giving birth?

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my son is 5 weeks old and the past week ive had multiple crying spells and days i just want to take off for a couple hours when his dad gets home. i love him and i couldn't imagine life without him but i feel like i need a fricken break. is this normal?

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It is completely normal to feel a huge range of emotions after having a child! You need to have some time to yourself, and you should definitely talk to someone how you are feeling. (A friend, doctor, mom?) There is no shame in needing to get away, and it doesn't mean you don't love him... Take a break, do something for yourself and enjoy being a mom.
I think it can.  You are coming down off that high of just having a baby and the reality of being home with that little person who requires constant attention from you sets in.  Your hormones are also trying to rebalance and trust me after kids they are all out of wack!  You need your me time definitely.  I had a hard time giving myself me time too.  And definitely talk to your doctor, if you are comfortable they can give you something to ease the anxiety for a few months.  That's safe for you and your little one if you are nursing.  Women go through this all the time, even celebrities, so its' not uncommon or anything to be embarassed about.  Talk to your doctor, you will be happier mom for it!  :)
It is absolutely normal. A baby is time consuming and full of responsibility. Its hard getting up 2-3 times a nite, at least 8-10 diaper changes a day and everything else that comes with it. A great thing to do that will help will be to sleep when he sleeps, find time when he is asleep to take a shower, read, or definatley pray. God will help you get through this tough time and it only lasts for a while. When you feel like you cant take it or you are getting overwhelmed just remember the bible verse Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengths me or Phillipians 4:19 My God all apply all your need according to his richest and glory by Christ Jesus
i was dianosed with ppd after i had my little girl. it was scary some of the thoughts i was having and i went and got help. i do think it is normal but like i said, my thoughts were bad and dont be afraid to talk to your dr about the way your feeling. im hoping with this one i want go thur that again but i will be better prepared for it if it happens again. dont be shy to ask your family for help also, its a life saver, and sometimes you just need a break to yourself and thats where family helps alot. good luck booboo, it will get better
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