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A couple of days ago I fee on my side/stomach and now I have a sharp pain.....

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Since then I have a sharp pain that starts right under my belly button feels like a hard kick but then the pain quickly radiates down to my vaginal canal. It doesn't happen often and last less then a minute. I've not had in spotting.I'm also 31weeks so I thought maybe this is common and lastly if I'm 31weeks how far in months dose that make me? I've lost complete track. Thanks for you help.

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You need to call your obstetrician/midwife immediately - any fall resulting in pain like this should be checked out (and really, after any hard fall you should have the baby checked out, just to be sure).  This isn't a question for the internet due to your situation. Also, 31 weeks is end of month 7/beginning of 8.

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