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Cramping for 2 wks; still no period...Pregnant?

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The first day of my last period was 09/09 - 5 wks ago. Last week the day my period was supposed to start I started to get cramps, but none of my other pms symtoms. No sore muscles, no mood swings, no sore breasts nothing just cramps. Still no period tho. My attitude has been great! Things are backwards-its so weird! Anyway, the day before my period was supposed to start i had went to bed expecting it, I fell asleep had a dream i was pregnant and woke up because i felt like i had the worst cramps ever! I woke up and the cramps went away. Ever since then i have been having cramps only at night stomach and lower back; never bad enough to actually need pills or anything jst cramps. Could this be a sympton of early pg? Im only asking because everything i read says that you should have this symptom or that symptom...all i have is cramps.

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Don't go by the typical symptoms.  Some women never have them and some have all of them.  Every woman and every pregnancy will be different.  They will all be different for you if you have multiple pregnancies - all 3 of mine have been.  Take a test to see if you are pregnant.  Your hormone level would be very low at this point, so wait until your first urine of the day and make sure you haven't gone for at least 3 hours beforehand (don't go in the middle of the night).  That will ensure your hormone level is at it's highest to read the test.  Some hospitals will also provide free pregnancy tests if you think you are so you can call there.  If you find out your are start taking your prenatal vitamins asap - you can get them over the counter at any drug store or grocery store.  Good luck!
I agree take a test, I found out very early and I had NO SYMPTOMS at all except being more tired than usual. Read the back of the test, some can tell you earlier than others. Good luck:)
I agree with both ladies.. take a test.. I found out the day I was 5 weeks along with this pregnancy and it was with afternoon urine but morning would be ideal I know.. You wont always have the same symptoms as anyone else.. this time around I had no symptoms other then I hadnt started.. I was tired but then again I had a 9 month old at home and goign to school fulltime so that was just life lol.. good luck hope things work out the way you want them too =)
Thanks for responding ladies - i really appreciate it. my ex and I had been trying for 3 yrs to get pregnant then we break up and i mightbe pregnant...aint life grand?!?!?! lol.
We'll pray you are then Tsh!  :)
I had cramps also in the first few weeks of being pregnant, I kept wondering the same thing. I took a pregnancy test before I even missed my period and it was positive. So it is very possible you could be pregnant. Good luck...and possibly congrats!! 
well ladies it looks like i got my period. so it was a false alarm. i still dont have any sore breasts or muscles aches like i ususally do but i did have terrible cramps on saturday when my "period" started. looks like it wasnt meant to be just yet.

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