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Ok so it just occured to me while I was answering a question that I tend to have all the crappy side affects of being prego. So if you ladies don't mind I'd kinda like to live through you a bit. I don't really get any cravings and my baby is pulled strait from its daddy's butt so I don't get to eat any of my normal foods. What have you mommies-to-be been craving? How wonderful is it to satisfy that craving?

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I have cravings everyday and it's always something different but it will not go away for days till I do eat it & once I do I dont wan it anymore. It ranges from ice cream sandwiches to chicken noodle soup to pasta salad If it comes to mind I'm not happy till I get it.
Zoo - don't feel bad!  I don't really get cravings either.  My hubby never has had to make the midnight run for ice cream or a particular burger.  It bums him out that we are on #3 and he still hasn't gotten to be super hubby!  With #1 I craved mint chocolate chip ice cream (which I hated...I love it now!) but only for like 2 weeks.  With #2 I craved chicken salad sandwhiches on white bread and ate them once a day for 3 weeks straight.  I begged the Owner to give me her receipe because it was getting very expensive, but I ate them at lunch so no midnight run there.  Now though, I don't really have any cravings, I have a bunch of stuff I don't want that I normally eat, apples, watermelon, grapes...I don't want any of it.  I do want to eat lots of celery and cheese whiz.  I did want cheese balls for about 2 weeks straight before I finally found these little cheetos asteriods and had to buy them.  Do you remember when cheese balls came in a can? lol!  It is nice to finally get to eat something, but then I'm usually done with it after I've had the cheese balls I could care less if I see another cheese ball...ever!  ;)
Thanks ladies! My hubby has had to make the midnight run (begrudgingly I think) but only on weekends when he would stay up all night on his xbox 360. I did eat bagels every morning for like 2 weeks but only because I can't handle milk while I'm prego. I guess it could be worse lol. Just like to see what I'm missing. Good luck ladies!

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