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i'm 13 weeks pregnant and this is my 6th child i've been huge with all of them and they all looked and were shapped the same like a watermelon...i'm 28 years old and look between 14-20 on given days depending on if i feel like doing my children are 4,3,2, and 1 my oldest who is so smart is starting to act like the 2yr old, my twin boys don't talk and jus cry all the time if i ask them something they jus cry and my 2 yr old well she's 2 and my one yr old is a doll face but they all are being bug a boos is it cause i'm pregnant and irratable or are they jus annoying....when they are bad i send them to the corner and have them send their for 5 mins or less depending on how good they stand in the corner....i guess my question is am i going CRAZY or just PREGNANT

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Well unfortunately I'm having nearly the same problem. This is my 4th and my kids have also decided to go crazy. They are 6, almost 4 and almost 3. My girl that's almost 3 all of a sudden decided to not be potty trained and runs around all day peeing on everything! My little boy that's almost 4 has decided to destroy everything we own. And my 6 year old girl decided she needs my attention non-stop! I just assume they are doing this because they know there is another baby on the way. However, sometimes the horrmones make me more grumpy or have less patience but that's everybody sometimes! I hope this helps you to know you're not alone in feeling crazy. I personally don't know how much one person is supposed to have to take lol. I hope things get easier for you. Good luck! :)

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