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Daddy issues?

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This is my fourth baby(I know its a lot) but my first with my new husband. We have all 3 of my children all the time with no help or support from my ex. I know it takes a lot to raise them and get everything they need. I am a stay at home mom so he is the only source of income. I love my husband and greatly appreciate him doing so much for us. My problem is he doesn't act excited about our baby! When I ask him about it he says he is but he's just worried about the cost of taking care of it. I understand that but we all ready decided to use our tax money to get the things we need for the baby since I'm not due until the end of March. So shouldn't that have taken the stress off or atleast helped? I tried to keep him involved but it isn't working. He hasn't come to any of my appointments and when I asked if he was coming when I find out the sex he said he'd try! I just don't understand because I was with him during my pregnancy to my last baby and he seemed more excited then than he does now and this one is really his! It is all just shocking to me and I don't know what to think about it. Any advice? Or even opinions anything is welcome. Thanks! :)

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How does he usually deal with stress? or fear? That may give you a clue how he really feels about baby. Is this his first baby? Maybe he is just scared. I know my honey is really scared about all this.Something to think about anyway. Good luck with everything!
How faralong are you.. it could be that he is starting to sink in and he is considering the financial aspect more than the joy of having the baby. My husband and I both have a child from previos relationships and inthe beginining he said he was excited but didnt act like it and he has changed now to acting excited.. it was just stresses that he had to work through. it is easier for us to get excited bacause we are carrying our child but sometimes the reality of the situation doesnt set in with the men until you actually start showing or seems real.. and sometimes when that reality sets in they worry first then become excited. I would take as many opportunities as you can to show him how much you and the kids appreciate what he does and maybe that will help

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