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Decline in fetal movement....

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I am 28 weeks 4days pregnant with twins. They're usually VERY active but for the past couple of days they aren't moving much even when I try to get them to move. I've tried drinking juice, eating cookies, rubbing and tapping my belly. They'll just roll over and than stop again. I have been having some pains but am not sure that they are contractions/braxton hicks. Should I be worried? Should I contact my doctor today or just wait until my appointment tomorrow to speak with him about my concerns? I'm SOOOO worried!!!

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In a one-baby pregnancy, they told me that the baby should move at least three times in a half-hour period after eating a meal.  If the baby doesn't move this much or is completely quiet for over four hours, they say to call the doctor immediately.  At this point, there is no harm in calling your doctor before your appointment!  You're not over-reacting - you're being a good mom. 
I would call the doctor for peace of mind if nothing else. If they suspect fetal movement is decreased they will probably have you come in for a non stress test. Very routine and most people find that once they schedule a NST that fetal movement picks right back up (because babies are tricky!).

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